Home Ec Project #19: Leather and Canvas Purse.

Oh gosh, this project took ages to finish. It literally took me six hours to make this. But I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

PhotobucketI substituted leathery-looking vinyl for leather because it’s cheaper, but in hindsight, it might have taken less time to finish if I had used leather… because apparently my sewing machine hates vinyl and spits it out like its sour milk. To make the process go a little quicker, I put paper over each vinyl side as I was sewing, but then I had to rip the paper off after I had sewed it and meticulously pick out all the little paper specks stuck between the threading. So in actuality, it didn’t really save any time.

PhotobucketI love the inside lining. Some of my favorite fabric I’ve bought so far.

PhotobucketA little close-up of the flower detail. Another person in Home Ec explained how to apply these flowers with a glue gun, but since I neither had a glue gun nor could find my hand-sewing needle, I had to apply them via machine, which took forever but I think adds a lot to the bag.


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