Death According To Sparks.

“Granny Green has gone,” said Miss Taylor.
“Ah yes, I noticed a stranger occupying her bed. Now what was Granny Green?”
“Arterio-sclerosis. It affected her heart in the end.”
“Yes, well, it is said we are all as old as our arteries. Did she make a good death?”
“I don’t know.”
“You were asleep at the time,” he said.
“No, I was awake. There was a certain amount of fuss.”
“She didn’t have a peaceful end?”
“No, not peaceful for us.”
“I always like to know,” he said, “whether a death is a good or bad one. Do keep a look out.”
For a moment she utterly hated him. “A good death,” she said, “doesn’t reside in the dignity of bearing but in the disposition of the soul.”
Suddenly he hated her. “Prove it,” he said.
“Disprove it,” she said wearily.
— Muriel Spark, Memento Mori


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