List-O-Mania: 8 U.S. Cities.

I’ve travelled around a lot within the U.S. and seen a lot of cities and podunk towns alike, but there are a few cities that I have yet to see and have set my heart on seeing at least once in my lifetime.

Photobucket 1. Boston, Massachussetts
I feel like Boston is one of those iconic U.S. cities that has to be seen. I want to sit next to the water and talk like Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting.

Photobucket 2. San Francisco, California
Another iconic city. I have dreams of riding on a trolley, eat Rice-a-Roni, and finding the house from Full House. And trying to figure out how houses are able to sit so precariously on such steep hills.

Photobucket 3. Omaha, Nebraska
Maybe it’s because of listening to endless records by bands signed to Saddle Creek Records, but something about Omaha has always appealed to me. The words ‘city’ and ‘Midwest’ seem to be at odds with each other, but Omaha looks lovely.

Photobucket 4. Providence, Rhode Island
A moderate-sized city in the smallest state in the country deserves to be seen. And I’m told that Providence is beautiful and has gorgeous seasons.

Photobucket 5. Denver, Colorado
A city with a view of giant gorgeous mountains? Best of both worlds. Sounds like my kind of city.

Photobucket 6. New York, New York
I feel like this is pretty self-explanatory. I want to experience the American epicenter of culture, commerce, fashion, excellent pizza, etc.

Photobucket7. Portland, Maine
Josh is inexplicably obsessed with this Portland. And I must admit, it looks like a beautiful New England city, cozy and right on the water.

Photobucket 8. Austin, Texas
Texas generally has negative connotations, but Austin is the hippest, least Texas-y city in Texas. And Austin also has the best music scene in the country.


2 responses to “List-O-Mania: 8 U.S. Cities.

  1. Might I suggest Ft. Collins, CO? It’s about 45 outside Denver but it is such a cute College town and it reminds me a lot of Hood River, OR

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! It sounds quaint and lovely.

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