Sew Cool.

Yesterday Josh and I went and visited my Auntie Jae, who lives out in the middle of nowhere in Skamokawa, Washington. In addition to being hilarious and having oodles of great stories to tell, my Auntie Jae is an insanely talented quilter. She’s only been quilting for a couple years, but she makes these really ornate and beautiful quilts that get displayed at quilting shows and expos and that are appraised at several thousands of dollars. And she’s so sweet because she makes really personal quilts for all the people in her family: she made a music-themed quilt for one of my uncles who is a musician, and she made one for me for my college graduation that has tons of yellow in it because she knows that yellow is my favorite color. They are amazing.

When I went to visit her last summer, she ended up giving me her 1959 Singer sewing machine because I had expressed an interest in learning to sew and she already had two other, newer sewing machines anyway. I’ve made several attempts at teaching myself to sew, some of which have been successful (I made my mom a very rudimentary apron for Christmas last year) while others have been flops (trying to draft a pattern for a Mad Men-style dress and totally failing).

While I was at Auntie Jae’s house yesterday, she told me she wanted to teach me how to make what she calls a “crazy quilt,” which is a quilt whose blocks are made up of fabric scraps sewn together in no particular pattern. We had so much fun sewing together and chatting, and I even made a finished crazy quilt block!


I feel really pleased with this block that I made, and am excited to keep piecing together this little quilt; and Auntie Jae sent me home with so many fabric scraps and tools that I feel totally equipped to finish it. AND, working on this with Auntie Jae and having her be so supportive and encouraging has given me the gumption to sign up for FreckledNest’s Home Ec! It’s a go-at-your-own-pace online class that teaches how to make 26 different projects and a great big handful of nifty sewing techniques. I’ve been on the brink of signing up for the past couple of weeks, and now I’m finally registered for the class and am so excited to learn so much. Look at all of these bitchin’ projects I get to make:

Photobucket [via]

I’ve been looking over the list of projects and have already started picking out which ones I’m going to make for my boyfriend, my family members, and my friends. I seriously have not been this excited about something in a long time. I can’t wait to learn and become a sewing pro!


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