Pity Party Deluxe.

I was in Seattle this weekend, and despite our best laid plans, somehow most of Friday evening turned into a pity party in which Josh and I were the pathetic guests of honor. We just laid on his bed and lamented over our joblessness for a few hours, how having degrees has done nothing for us and how we don’t even have enough experience to get a job at a damn restaurant.

I’m sure everyone (all five of you) is getting tired of hearing me complain about not having a job, but it is just too rough not to talk about. I did my four years of college, and now I want to move on from youthful college student to working adult but without a job I can’t do that. So I’m stuck in this limbo between youth and adulthood, just floating with no way to move forward, and this limbo looks an awful lot like hell.

I get incredibly depressed looking at Craigslist postings, which is like a daily self-beating, because all the jobs that look interesting or that I think I might be qualified for, want anywhere from two to five years of experience in said position. How could I have that much experience when I’ve been in college for the past four years? It’s like these people are intentionally excluding college graduates from potential employment. And even retail jobs or restaurant jobs require previous experience. And with entry level positions, it’s like my degree is too intimidating to even allow me a chance at an interview, or the hiring people see that I’m a college graduate and expect that this would be an in-between job (which it obviously is, but still) and don’t even give my application/resume a second glance. I am damned if I do and damned if I don’t.

This is probably the worst possible time I could have graduated, but it’s not like I had a choice. If I had known the job market would be so hopeless, I would have gone straight to graduate school and stayed there until further notice. I’ve barely even had any serious prospects in the past four months, and I’m just burning through my savings trying to stay afloat and avoid having to move in with my parents in Georgia. And even that is starting to look like a distinct possibility, as I suspect I’m beginning to wear out my welcome in my rent-free living situation. All I want is to have a job so that I can support myself, pay my own rent and not have to rely on my parents anymore. And maybe have a little extra cash to go out and do things so that Josh and I don’t have to stay cooped up in our houses for lack of funds when we see each other. There are only so many episodes of tv shows we can watch on our computers before we need something more.

The other day Josh was talking about how this is the only time in our lives that we could go anywhere or do anything for an extended period of time without having to answer to a boss, but we can’t do anything because we don’t have any money. Ironic, eh? And so it goes.


2 responses to “Pity Party Deluxe.

  1. That’s one step away from being me.

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