Music Video Monday #16: Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

My CD player in my car is broken, so my en route music consumption has been relegated to radio. The station I listen to, 94.7, has a few bands that they play in excess—The Killers, Sublime, and Pearl Jam, to name a few. One of the bands they play the most often, though, is Nirvana. I guess maybe it’s a Pacific Northwest pride thing? Continually hearing some classic gems from the Seattle grunge band called to mind their video for “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” one of the most iconic music videos of the 90’s, if not of all time. It so encapsulates a movement and a generation: the long hair and head-banging, the flannel and the fog, the tattooed cheerleaders leading the pep assembly from hell, where order descends into chaos. It’s anthemic. The lyrics of the song may be garbled, but the dark imagery of the video speaks for itself.


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