Boozing in the USA.

I’ve discovered the most wonderful martini bar in Portland, aptly named Bartini. They have such a a variety of really tasty and unusual martinis. The two times that I’ve been there, I’ve had a Peartini (my favorite), a Thin Mint Cookie (tastes just like the Girl Scout Cookies), a Blue Eyes (with bright Blue Caracao), and a Raspberry Truffle (ultra decadent).

For the past couple of years, I’ve had this secret dream of becoming a bartender. I think there is a real art in making a good drink, and I would love to have all of that knowledge and skill at my fingertips. Not to mention, knowing how to make a good drink can come in handy in so many situations. Aside from the technical knowledge of mixing cocktails, I’ve always felt that working in a bar would be fun, especially if it was kind of funky and eclectic and chill and had lots of regulars. Bars are such a community space; in my experience, they’re among the best places to meet up with friends, enjoy each other’s company, have meaningful conversations and the like. And maybe this is strange, but I’ve always just thought a fully-stocked bar shelf is very aesthetically pleasing.

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Sadly, I think I’ve missed the boat on becoming a bartender. My parents would probably strangle me if I put hundreds of thousands of dollars of college tuition to waste so that I could work in a bar. But I can still dream!

What do you secretly dream of becoming?


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