Fact: I Have An Obsession with Maps.

Especially world maps of the old and antique variety.





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The thing I love most about these old maps is not only the level of artistry involved in rendering such a detailed and beautiful artifact (though that is something that should be thoroughly commended), but that each map is an artistic representation of the artist’s worldview. On a sociological level, there is much that can be told about an artist from the map they’ve made; American map-makers, for example, generally rendered North America as a sprawling mammoth of a continent, even though it isn’t, because that’s how they viewed it: as the largest because it was the most powerful and most important. Yes, it was a different time period and little was known about the actual topography of the world, but I much prefer the maps in which the artist creates their own vision of the world as it is to the bland and physically accurate maps that are used in textbooks and the like today. I like the idea that an artist can determine and define their own sense of space and distance in their artwork, and as an extension, in their own lives.

Thoughts? How do you define space and distance?


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