Introducing: My New Blog Title.

For the past several weeks, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to an appropriate title for my blog. For some reason, I started looking at Latin phrases on Wikipedia for inspiration, and I came across the phrase ad infinitum.

Ad infinitum means “to infinity.” To me, this speaks of forward motion, constantly reaching toward something that is ahead, undaunted. It made me think about how I will probably be writing down my observations and opinions of the world until I’m physically unable to do so, and though I won’t be around to infinity, my words can be. I thought to myself “How can I articulate this?” and then I realized that the whole point of this blog is, in itself, articulation. Articulation, by definition, means “the action of putting into words an idea or feeling of a specified type”; when I write, I am trying, with all of the words I have at my disposal, to express my ideas and feelings in a way that is understandable and beautiful and constantly reaching toward truth. It is something that can probably never be done perfectly, but it is something that I can attempt and aspire toward to infinity.

Hence, Articulation Ad Infinitum.

So there’s the meaning behind the title. My only hope is that it doesn’t sound too pretentious. Thoughts?


One response to “Introducing: My New Blog Title.

  1. i like it a lot. all for big words. but now whenever you say “articulation” out loud, your friends will tease you.
    or, maybe just my friends are little brats. anytime i say something like, “hmm, let me ruminate on that.” they always all chime in, “…in the reading room?”
    little beezies.

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