Thoughts Accumulated from Three Days in Vancouver "The Couve" Washington

1. Few things in this life are more depressing than looking for a job, especially right now. I spent most of today collecting applications from marginally good restaurants, and what is most depressing about this is that these are the same restaurants I applied to when I was in high school, ie BEFORE I HAD A COLLEGE DEGREE. I feel like one of the main benefits of a degree is license to be particular about what jobs you will or will not take. And yet, I’m experiencing a lot of personal rage because in my job search, I’m having to be as indiscriminate about where I apply as when I was a teenager and didn’t have a stitch of work experience. I’m having to take whatever I can get, even if it’s minimum wage and has nothing to do with the degree that I spent four arduous years earning. But alas, we all know life isn’t fair. Happy graduation to me.

2. American culture’s fear of fatness is disturbing. I watched a show on E! or some comparable entertainment channel that was a countdown of the forty celebrities who have lost the most weight, while a program was playing simultaneously on another channel about celebrities and plastic surgery. Celebrities like Karl Lagerfeld and Rush Limbaugh who lost weight in unorthodox and unhealthy ways are valorized because they escaped being fat and it’s all played out like a rags to riches success story: they once were fat, and now they’re fabulous, which can only mean thin. Tara Reid had a botched liposuction procedure because she was too thin to need lipo to begin with. The focus is never on being healthy, but rather the transformation from fat to slim is sensationalized because in a metaphysical sense, it’s a transformation from unattractive to desirable, from weak to powerful, from a tragic figure to a “new” and “improved” self.

3. I love having the kind of friendships that, no matter how much time has elapsed since I’ve last seen them, are easy to just pick up right where they left off. I saw three old friends from high school while I was here, all of whom I haven’t seen or really kept in close contact with for at least a year, and with all three of them it was like no time had passed at all. It wasn’t awkward, we didn’t run out of things to talk about, and we didn’t have to get reacquainted with each other; being with them was the same as it’s always been, and that’s such a calming and light feeling to be able to experience that, and to be able to look forward to it. I want to be surrounded by people like them.

4. I thought of a new name for my blog. I’m still mulling it over, but if I decide I like it I’ll be revealing it soon. Let’s just say there’s some Latin in it. Oooo, foreign and mysterious.


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