Greater Thans.

I lifted this idea from Kyla Roma’s blog. I think one can gain much more insight into a person from knowing what they prefer over something else, rather than simply what they like.

writing letters > writing emails
Twitter > Facebook
classic rock > popular music
spontaneous adventures > planned adventures
Mad Men > every other show on television
companionship > romance
taking a train > flying on a plane
having good manners > having good jokes
exercising > smoking
Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart > Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side
style > comfort
real-life friends > internet friends
openness > being right
foreign films > American films
deliberateness > flippancy
graduate school > a 9 to 5 job
creativity > uniformity

What are your greater thans?


2 responses to “Greater Thans.

  1. this blog > most other blogs

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