my current disappointment in republicans.

usually, one of my favorite things about visiting my parents is having regular access to a television, namely to be able to watch msnbc. what i’ve seen the past week in regards to the health bill and the republican outcry against it has made me wish for tv-lessness. everything i’ve seen has made me lose faith in humanity in general, and republicans in particular.

for one, i don’t understand why republicans are looking on the health bill as if it were a sign of the apocalypse. there are no seven-headed beasts in sight; only the institutionalization of something that the majority of americans don’t have, but need in order to stay healthy and alive and to avoid having to claim medical bankruptcy. the united states is the only industrialized nation that doesn’t have universal health care. why is it a bad thing to want all americans, rich or poor, to have access to health care that will protect them and take care of them? it’s a recognition of human rights, and of humanity in general, to attempt to extend health care to all people, not just those who can afford it. i hear the word “socialism” being thrown around casually and as a synonym for “communism,” but i suspect that most americans don’t even know what the word actually means.

actually, i do know why republicans are having a coronary over the health bill: abortion. of the hundreds of pages of the health care bill that outline plans for comprehensive health care for all americans, the topic of abortion gets singled out and dwelled upon until the entire process is at a standstill. the democrats and republicans who voted in favor of the health care bill, as i understand it, were not condoning abortion; they were admitting that abortion is one small component of health care, and that americans’ right to health care shouldn’t be compromised by this single issue. as a result, democratic senators are receiving death threats from angry republicans and are fearing for their families’ safety, and republicans have done nothing to discourage them, and have in fact abetted this awful behavior. i say shame on you, republicans.

shame on randy neugebauer, republican senator from texas, who shouted “baby killer!” at michigan’s democrat senator bart stupak, who is pro-life. shame on sarah palin, who created a map with gun crosshairs in areas where the state’s senators voted for the bill, in order to identify republican “targets.” shame on the men and women who have called bart stupak’s home and threatened his and his family’s life. shame on the man who went to what he thought was virginia senator tom periello’s house (which was actually periello’s brother’s house) and cut the propane gas lines, and double shame on republican senators for not condemning it. shame on fox news and glenn beck for being brainwashers and propagandists.

there’s no reason why, if so many people are upset about the health care bill, that there can’t be a civil discussion and dialogue about it. there is absolutely no reason to threaten senators or vandalize their homes and offices. there is no reason that the health care bill has to be a partisan issue that splits our governing body and pits republicans and democrats against each other as enemies. there is no reason that republican senators shouldn’t be chastising the people who are vandalizing and threatening democrats, and urging americans to work together toward a solution that is viable for everyone, instead of egging them on to propagate violence against democrats who are just trying to do what they feel is best for the people they represent. republicans, you need to step it up. let’s be adults here.


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