some upcoming changes.

i’ve had this blog for almost two years, and in that time, it hasn’t changed much. the transitional period of life that i’ve entered into has been making me think about changes; big life-altering changes as well as small-scale, ostensibly meaningless changes a la this blog. there are things that i can do to make this blog better suit the purpose that i had in mind for it. here are the changes that i’m looking into:

1. new blog title.
i’ve had the same title since this blog’s inception, and while i like it and think it encapsulated who i was when i started it, i’d like to see it evolve into something that fits better with the description on my about page. and preferably not be a direct lykke li lyric. i’m open to suggestions.

2. more creative writing.
i’ve been wanting to use my blog to post my fiction writing and get some feedback on it, but as i haven’t been writing consistently in the past two years, it hasn’t been feasible. but now that i’m a college graduate and have a lot of free time on my hands, my goal is to start writing on a regular basis again. one of my old classmates jillian does what she calls a “fast write” on her blog, and i’m hoping to do something similar as i work my way through the writing exercises in the 3 a.m. epiphany.

3. more photography.
i haven’t used my camera since october! literally, i have barely even picked it up since then, let alone used it to capture images. i want to get out in the world and behind the lens again. i’m thinking i may do a separate page on the blog for photos, but i’m not sure yet… i just hope that posting photos on a regular basis will motivate me to use my camera as much as possible.

4. more projects.
i’m hoping to embark on several new projects. mostly i just want to do some sewing projects, but i’m also interested in collaging, cooking and possibly even jewelry-making. it doesn’t hurt to try everything, right? whether the projects turn out good or bad or hideous, i feel like it might be helpful to document them on the blog both as a reference for others and for myself, to learn from mistakes and benefit from inspirations, and (again) to motivate me to keep doing new things.

that’s all i have in mind for right now, but i may come up with some other renovations as well. changes will probably happen gradually, but keep an eye out for the new and improved blog.


2 responses to “some upcoming changes.

  1. New blog title:

    Bad Fail; Goodwin

  2. clever. i wrote a sports column for my high school newspaper, and it was called ‘good win, bad loss.’ coming up with that name was one of my more witty moments.

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