uppercase and lowercase.

i have a blogging dilemma that is ongoing in my mind: whether or not to write with capitals or to write in all lowercase letters.

for as long as i’ve been blogging, i’ve always written in all-lowercase. there’s a visual uniformity in using only lowercase letters: everything is on the same plane and no letter stands taller than the others. i guess there’s also a thematic uniformity too, in that no word holds more clout than another or is perceived as more important than any other word; it’s all egalitarian. there’s also a part of me that feels like writing in all-lowercase is an act of humility, like i am conceding that there is nothing particularly spectacular about what i say because i don’t elevate my writing to the level of experts and professionals via using capitals.

photo courtesy of home decor hub

On the other hand, using capital letters at the beginning of sentences or to signify nouns lends uniformity as well, and is the commonly accepted form of writing. Adhering to that standard gives my writing the appearance of professionalism. I can’t tell you how many times my all-lowercase style has been criticized; “What, do you think you’re artistic because you don’t use capital letters?” and “It just looks pretentious when you don’t capitalize” are phrases that I’ve heard often. And perhaps there’s some truth in that.



2 responses to “uppercase and lowercase.

  1. true.
    i can only wish to someday rise to the ranks of the great ee!

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