bye bye, facebook.

today is ash wednesday, the beginning of lent. today i deactivated my facebook account.

i’ve never participated in lent before. when this time of year rolls around, i always have grand ideas about things i could give up, like smoking or eating food, but my ideas never come to fruition. maybe because my reasons were entirely self-serving: giving up eating in order to lose weight, quitting smoking to avoid spending money and eventually dying of cancer.

my reasons for deactivating my facebook aren’t religious; i won’t be spending all the minutes that i would have been spending on facebook in prayer. facebook, for me, is something mindless i can do to distract me from everything else that’s going on in my life. i get on facebook and i go into a trance, a technology-induced trance, where i click-click-click without consciousness of what i’m doing until i end up somewhere in the facebook sphere with no explanation of how i got there. so i guess instead of indulging in the mindless, i want to be able to practice mindfulness, to be present in my present and be able to be part of the world in a more substantial way than social networking.

i’ve never counted, but i would venture to guess that i waste probably two hours a day on facebook. those two hours are a gift, and i want to use them more productively, or at least more creatively: i want to blog every other day (if not every day); i want to start writing a short story; i want to commence a sewing project; i want to do more pleasure reading; i want to take my camera from its dusty shelf and put it to use again. and who knows, if this forty-day experiment proves successful i may have no need for facebook in my life anymore. wouldn’t that be nice?

so this is day one of my facebook fast. wish me luck.


3 responses to “bye bye, facebook.

  1. You should get a tumblr…

  2. goodluck!
    i gave up sweets, and of course, when i went to babysit today, the little girl had 3 boxes of girl scout cookies sitting there waiting for me. plus i bought her a brownie in the afternoon and she decided it was too rich for her.
    most of me wanted to hoard the cookies and save them for me and only me when lent is over. but then i remember that i gave up sweets to focus more on the sweetness of friendship and relationships. So i realized i needed to give all 3 boxes of cookies and the brownie to my band mates and roommates. ah…lent. you are already kicking my ass.

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