no, rita just took a bath.

it’s been two weeks since i saw the season finale of dexter, but i’ve only just now gotten to the point where i don’t want to cry when i think about dexter’s wife, rita, being dead. she was murdered in the final episode by dexter’s nemesis, the trinity killer, and the whole thing was so tragically ironic and and entirely unexpected. i know that i’m talking about a fictional character, but rita was just so sweet, and she really brought out the best in dexter. and now her poor kids don’t have a mom, and their biological dad is already dead (thanks to dexter), so they’re basically orphans. so sad.

but seeing julie benz, who played rita, on the soup helped take some of the sting out of my loss.

and i may be biased because i love dexter, but the opening sequence is the greatest opening sequence that i’ve ever seen. even better than six feet under, which is saying a lot. the cinematography is fantastic, and i think that, like the show, it does so much to humanize dexter as a serial killer. i read someone’s description of the opening sequence as a morning routine with dexter’s dark spin on it, but i think it’s the complete opposite: i think it depicts nebulous images of what we immediately want to perceive as violence, when in actuality, it is just dexter’s routine and there’s nothing violent about it except what we trick ourselves into seeing. we see dexter slicing through flesh with a knife, only to realize it’s ham that he’s putting on the stove to cook for breakfast; we see dexter pulling strings tightly in his hands to resemble strangulation, when in fact is he only pulling his shoelaces tight as he ties his shoes; we see cloth cover a human face so that it appears the person is being smothered, but dexter is just pulling his shirt on over his head; and so on. it’s absolutely brilliant.

and sometimes watching this opening sequence makes me really hungry.


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