bye bye, rilo kiley.

in preparation for my upcoming ‘year in music 2009’ post, i looked back at my year-end music post from last year. reading it now, a year after writing it, i would go back and change so many things: lykke li would have been waaaaaay higher on the list; tv on the radio and lil wayne would have made it in the top ten instead of an honorable mention; jenny lewis would have been waaaaaay lower on the list; tilly & the wall may have been taken off the list completely; and emiliana torrini, the welcome wagon and damien jurado would have definitely been on the list.

isn’t it amazing how situational music can be? i have never felt that more truly than in my rollercoaster relationship with jenny lewis and/or rilo kiley. i think the only reason that i thought i loved acid tongues (“thought” being the operative word) was because i had so many memories and emotions tied up in jenny lewis as an entity; i was going through a breakup, ending a relationship that rilo kiley had been a semi-integral part of, and i needed the kind of comfort that only jenny lewis could provide. she served her purpose, and now when i listen to that album from a more objective place, it really doesn’t do much for me. there isn’t room for it to be important in my life because i don’t need it anymore. and truth be told, i just feel like rilo kiley kind of epitomizes this old version of myself that i don’t care to revisit, and that’s why i don’t really listen to them anymore. i’ve outgrown them. isn’t it strange to think that you can outgrow something like music, as if it were a pair of pants or shoes?


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