travel log: 10 december 2009.

6:21 am (pst): josh and i made it to the airport with barely a minute to spare before our flight started boarding. neither of us wanted to leave the warmth of our beds at 4:30 this morning. and it didn’t help that drew drove us to the airport in his car that has no heat. all the employees at the airport were nice to us because we dressed up. there was a man working the security checkpoint who looked like the dad from fresh prince of bel-air. i got scolded for putting my carry-on bag on top of my laptop when I put it through the machine…. there are so many rules, i can never get it right. the flight attendant has informed us that it is -2 degrees in minneapolis. wonderful.

12:35 pm (cst): i slept for half of the flight, despite the fact that i can never find a comfortable position on an airplane and my head is constantly and sleepily bobbing up and down. apparently, someone on our flight was experiencing an undisclosed medical emergency that required the flight crew to ask over the intercom if there were any doctors on the plane. so this woman, who was apparently a doctor, kept going back and forth between her seat and the back of the plane (where the afflicted person was, no doubt) with doctor’s gloves on. once we landed, an emt crew came on the plane and we had to wait for them to do their business before we could leave. hopefully the afflicted person is okay. once we got off the plane, it took us fifteen minutes and a lot of walking to find a reader board with the flight schedules… and then there were two of them like twenty feet away from each other. come on, minneapolis: make it a little easier for us. for an airport in minnesota of all places, there were a lot of ritzy airport stores, and even a minnesota-themed store with a giant wooden moose emerging from the storefront. there was a lot of snow on the ground outside, and everyone was wearing big long coats a la fargo.


4:22 pm (est): the flight from minneapolis to detroit was just barely an hour long. josh and i didn’t have seats next to each other: he sat next to a gorgeous blonde four-year-old, and i sat next to what I assumed was a disgruntled ex-serviceman. he didn’t acknowledge me the entire plane ride; he did, however, listen to incredibly loud metal on his ipod and ordered two jack daniels and a coke when the beverage cart came around. yikes. apparently he was not interested in being conscious. the detroit airport was really nice and they have an elevated monorail that runs inside the airport. we walked around for a long time trying to find food before josh admitted that he wasn’t actually hungry (much to my chagrin), so we just got coffee and waited for the flight to board, whilst listening to two talkative high school kids tell a creepy older man about travelling to europe. i got restless, so I went to the magazine stand, and upon seeing lady gaga on the cover of elle, could not resist a purchase.

8:55 pm (est): our flight got a late start because the pilots decided to wait for people connecting from seattle, whose flight was running late also. i have never heard of a pilot doing that, and i’m certain that no pilot has ever thought of doing that for me when i was in danger of missing my connecting flight. i was happily reading my elle until josh complained that I wasn’t paying attention to him, so I quickly leafed through the mag only to find that he was asleep by the time i was done. figures. then i fell asleep for an hour or so, experiencing extreme neck pain upon waking up due to the head bobbing again. we had a rocky landing, but made it to jacksonville alive. my mom, brother and uncle picked us up and we stopped at chick-fil-a (since josh and i hadn’t eaten all day during our travels) for dinner, and then drove two hours home. and now we are in savannah, and very sleepy but happy, and watching identity on the syfy channel. the end.


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