how much is our world structured around language?

“try to think a thought without using language.”

emotion—> language—> thought.

i talk to myself a lot. most of the time it’s inside my own head, but sometimes i speak out loud to myself when no one else is around. ostensibly there’s no purpose for it, because i’m saying things that i already know and there’s no one around to absorb what i’m saying. even within my head, there is a constant monologue happening that i can’t turn off. i guess this is how humans process reality, and because thinking is so inextricably linked with language, there is no way to experience the reality of living without the words to name it.

and yet, there is so much that language can’t name. there have been so many times in my brief life that i’ve failed to accurately express my feelings because i simply didn’t have the words. the feeling is always there, so strongly, but sometimes the language just doesn’t follow. sometimes “angry” is the only word you can use to characterize the amalgamation of your irritation, melancholy, loneliness, disappointment and fear, even if “angry” doesn’t come close enough to describing it.

if only language was as boundless as emotion.


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