were/are awesome.

[i feel so lame that i only manage to blog on the weekends, ie. sunday night when i’ve finished all my shtuff.]

anecdote: during the last ten minutes of work on thursday as i was trying to look busy whilst not actually doing anything, i noticed that one of my co-workers was listening to npr and that they were discussing a blog, so immediately my ears perked. this fellow that runs a blog called my parents were awesome was being interviewed and just talking about why he decided to start this blog. the interviewer asked a really excellent question when she pointed out that the title of the blog implies that these parents are no longer awesome, but the blog man (whose name i didn’t catch) said that nearly every submission he gets has “my parents were and still are awesome” in the subject line.

i really like this blog. there’s always something so magical about seeing your parents as something other than what you know them as. they were once our age, they were once stupid and reckless and adventurous and carefree, and i think that when we acknowledge that, we honor them: as they were and as they are now. because usually they change for us. it’s kind of amazing.


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