a few things about this band i saw last night.

i think they are called grizzly bear? (or something like that).

1. the moore theatre is a very fitting venue. even though i was way back in the first balcony, it was still a great seat and the acoustics were perfection.
2. all four band members are so incredibly talented. usually you can pick out a band’s weakest link, the one who’s not quite as talented and that doesn’t pull the same weight as the others and is potentially expendable (can anyone say ringo starr?). there is no weakest link in grizzly bear… they are all essential.
3. i saw them a couple summers ago when they opened for feist, and one of the things that made them so unforgettable was the light show. their light technician is a master of his craft, and i would pay lots of money to see them again simply to experience the fantastic lighting.
4. i love how really good bands attract other really good musicians to their shows that i happen to attend. robin pecknold of fleet foxes walked right past me in the lobby. robin pecknold! i could have reached out and touched him.
5. the harmonies! they sounded like heaven.


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