four walls and a room to call my own.

q: how thrilled am i that i have a real room?
a: a trillion percent.

it’s taken me nearly the full two weeks that i’ve lived here to unpack my mountain of material possessions and fashion my little room to my liking. the arduous task is behind me now, and i can, at long last, simply revel at the wondrousness of my room.

i love my duvet cover so much. if i could manifest myself in a cotton form, i would do it in the form of this duvet.

the closet. large enough to fit half of my clothes, which is better than most. and my bookcase that i’ve had forever, that will forever house the books on my to-read list.

my other, very tall bookshelf, with my treasure box full of letters and the old-as-time globe that josh’s grandma’s boyfriend gave to me. i think that globe has been my favorite acquisition of the summer.

i bordered my ceilings with 4×6 photos, and hung up my favorite old map, three of my favorite photos that i took in south africa, and three of my favorite photos that i took when i was in high school. a happy combination of past, present, and future.

and my favorite part: my reading nook. i foresee this chair, an incredibly comfortable inheritance from my old house, being a great companion to me throughout the year.


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