for-eva, for-eva-eva, for-EVA-EVA.

i think it has been at least two weeks since i’ve been on the ole blog. i can’t help it; my boyfriend is back, and i’ve been out living life and loving life with him.

nutshell updates: josh and i went to my cousin’s wedding in longview, where everyone on my mom’s side of the family told josh how cute he was and what great teeth he had, and asked me whether josh and i would be the next ones getting married. they don’t beat around the bush, those mcphersons. we also went to yakima to visit josh’s family, and spent a lot of time with his grandma and her boyfriend (highlights include getting cherry limeades at sonic and taking $300 worth of coins to the coin counter at the bank). josh’s bestie, drew, is back from alaska, and the three of us have been going on lots of dates together. and what’s sad is that i often feel like their third wheel.

we went to the mercer island thrift store today, and i got four books for under $10.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
so pleased.

one thing that does not please me, however, and in fact distresses me to no end, is how unprofessional professionals often are. i emailed the hiring manager of pasta & co., where my roommate works, and sent my resume and a cover letter and asked her to let me know either way. several weeks later i still hadn’t heard anything, and when i mentioned it to my roommate, she told me they weren’t hiring anymore. i think it seriously would have taken the hiring manager a minute or less to just write me an email to say they weren’t hiring, instead of letting put all of my eggs in one basket and not pursue other jobs because i was waiting to hear back from her. another much more depressing story: the family that i nanny for was on vacation all last week, and i had told them before they left that the week after they got back would be my last week. so i called the mom on sunday night to ask if she needed me on monday (because i had forgotten it was labor day) and she told me she thought it would be a smoother transition for the kids if i just didn’t come back, instead of working for one week and being done. and that makes sense to me, but what doesn’t make sense is why she wouldn’t call me and tell me that in advance, instead of waiting until the night i was supposed to come back to work. and was she even planning on telling me beforehand, or was she going to wait until i showed up at their house at 6:30am on monday morning to tell me? seriously. i was counting on the $100 i would make this week nannying, and now i have nothing, and i didn’t even get to say goodbye the girls. oh well. at least i have the chance at a real job now.


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