thursday tidbits #2

1. i was listening to kexp this morning because my cd player in my car decided not to work, and i heard the unmistakable voice of paul banks (frontman for interpol). i thought that it was a new interpol song and got really excited, but alas, the friendly dj informed me that it was in fact julian plenti, paul banks’ side project. the dj also said that he thought it was the strongest work to come from interpol since their debut, so that’s pretty high praise (i guess). the song i heard was “only if you run,” and it’s lovely, but very different from interpol’s sound, musically at least. i downloaded the entire album, and i’m excited to listen to it.

2. speaking of music, i thank the almighty every day that i nanny for hip thirtysomethings who listen to good music. i am so fortunate that, when everyone leaves the house and i get to tidy everything up, i can listen to neko case or leonard cohen or sigur ros, instead of having to listen to celine dion or josh groban.

3. i am so tired of hearing people scream “socialism” when obama’s health plan comes up. even if we start to vaguely resemble a socialist nation in the single realm of healthcare, it’s probably better than millions of people not even being able to consider healthcare as an option. the government is here to serve us, not to let us suffer, so if they have to step in and regulate (/control) the healthcare system for a while so that people can go to the hospital when they need to without it costing them an arm and a leg, i am not remotely threatened by that. and it seems like all of the people who are bitching about socialism are the upper crust who can afford healthcare to begin with.

4. i started watching weeds and i can’t decide if i like it or not. elizabeth perkins is absolutely horrifying and hilarious, but the rest of the characters and the show in general seems like a caricature of real life. there’s something about that’s not quite tangible. maybe i’m just spoiled because i’ve gotten hooked on so many well-written and well-acted shows… or maybe not every show can be as good as six feet under. that’s probably it.

5. i got the 2010 ikea catalog in the mail the other day, and it has been one of the highlights of my week. and once josh gets back, we are going to spend an entire day at ikea and i’m probably going to spend a trillion dollars on stuff for my new apartment. i’m so excited that i get to live in a real room, instead of the hallway between the living room and the bathroom, and that it will be my room for the entire year, and that i can furnish and decorate and make it beautiful. i know for sure that when i go to ikea i’m getting a horse-shaped baking tin… best ever.

6. i’ve realized that i really enjoy making numbered lists.


One response to “thursday tidbits #2

  1. Awww… KEXP… I miss KEXP. Seattle is so cool, I can’t even stand it. I just moved do denver, and haven’t found anything besides jazz and a christian radio station… I’ll take the jazz for now.

    Yay for IKEA!

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