thursday tidbits.

[i often want to acknowledge things or events but don’t quite want to write a full post about it (or don’t have enough to say about it to constitute a worthwhile post) so i think i’m going to start jumbling all of it together into one big amorphous blob once a week… hence, thursday tidbits.]

1. bill clinton is badass. say what you will about his personal life and habits, but the man is a diplomatic wizard when it comes to foreign policy.

2. i hear a lot of people say negative things about the ending of 500 days of summer, but i thought it was really poignant. yeah, it was cutesy and clever, but i thought it was a really powerful to see the interim between relationships and then end the movie with a subtle metaphor that posits relationships as a simple changing of seasons. it rang true for me. if you haven’t seen the movie, see it and tell me what you think about the ending.

3. i watched annie hall the other day and discovered two things: 1) that i am intensely attracted to woody allen simply because he’s overwhelmingly jewish (the same reason i’m attracted to larry david), and 2) that diane keaton’s style in this movie is amazing.
gaaaahhh, if i was a stick figure like she is, i would totally be rocking the baggy high-waisted pants with a vest and bowler hat.

4. i read an article about how the congolese government is using homosexual rape as a tactic to suppress rebels, and it makes me incredibly sad. rape is so much a synonym for power and will always inflict shame and violence on the victim, and that makes me think that rape will probably never cease to exist.

5. i watched a trailer for the lovely bones, and i’m skeptical. i really loved the book, and i feel like whenever hollywood tries to put a good piece of literature into film form, it always ends up sub par at best. but luckily, bad movies that are based on good books never seem to damage the book’s reputation (ie. the bonfire of the vanities). i’m hopeful simply because peter jackson is directing, but the casting choices were poor. it will have to be really good to impress me.

6. i have recently discovered the welcome wagon, and it’s slowly creeping its way into my favorite albums of the year list. i have a sneaking suspicion, however, that this “preacher and his cute wife singing” thing is really a ploy to cover up the fact that it is actually sufjan doing all the singing and music. i mean, seriously, could the welcome wagon sound any more like sufjan? i know he had some hand in their album being made, but the similarities between the two are uncanny. which is definitely not a bad thing. i’m dying for some new sufjan tunes.


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