spank that child!

my nanny job is starting to grate on me, not because i don’t love kids in general or the kids i nanny for in particular, but because i am constantly appalled at how the kids are parented. i’m basically biting my tongue for two straight hours and thinking “i could do such a better job.” and of course, the place that i would start (and likely get the best results) would be spanking.

when did there become such a bloody stigma around spanking children? i feel like the benefits of spanking far outweigh the negative parts. yeah, lots of kids are abused by parents who don’t know the line between spanking and maiming, but spanking shouldn’t be looked down on because some people don’t know how to do it right (everyone knows you don’t spank your kid when you’re still angry because that’s when you get out of control… duh). and i don’t buy the argument that parents should just try to reason with their children; children aren’t reasonable! that’s why they’re children! certainly it’s good for kids to develop a good sense of reason and certainly parents can help with that, but i think trying to reason with kids is an excuse for not disciplining them. adults, when will we all learn that parents are supposed to be parents, ie. authority figures, to their kids and not their friends? so many parents are too concerned with being buddies with their kids, that their kids end up running the show and the parent must helplessly do what the child says to avoid catastrophe. please spank your child! there’s a time to be your child’s friend (like when they’re of voting age and don’t live in your house anymore), but there’s also a time to teach your child right from wrong and then punish them when they intentionally do wrong. and no child wants to be spanked, so it takes relatively few spankings to get your point across about what is acceptable and what isn’t. there would be so many more well-behaved children, who would grow up to become polite and upstanding citizens as adults, if parents would just bite the bullet and spank their kids every once in a while.

my parents spanked me and i turned out just fine. obviously.


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