natasha khan is my new idol.

[i fully intend to write a real post tomorrow, but now, i am tired and heading to bed soon in order to be more productive at the nine-to-five.]

so i know the new bat for lashes album came out a couple months ago, but i have just discovered it at long last, and i am totally smitten. natasha khan has such a beautiful voice, and even though a lot of her songs are set against dancey beats, the way she sings makes her songs sound other-worldly. and i love that she sings about mythical battles and knights and being friends with horses, and makes it sound cool.

i really dig this video of ‘moon and moon’ live. seriously, amazing pipes.

aaaaaand, this video for ‘what’s a girl to do?’ (one of her more normal songs from her first album.) but how can you dislike animals on bikes?


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