bye michael.

i have become really terrible at blogging on a regular basis. it doesn’t help that my laptop had to go the computer hospital due to a broken optical drive (which, ironically, coincided with my recent netflix subscription). it’s infinitely difficult to find the motivation to write after an 8-hour (soon to be 10-hour) workday.

since everyone else in the world has blogged about michael jackson in the past few weeks, i have a subconscious urge to say something, at least, about his death. last weekend was mj-filled: there was a zombie crawl going on in fremont in which zombified seattle-ites were attempting to break the guinness world record for how many people could dance the “thriller” dance simultaneously. i didn’t dress up like a zombie, but it was really an amazing thing to see five thousand people all dancing this dance that michael jackson made so famous. and if that weren’t enough, i decided to watch the movie “13 going on 30” (i was having a really bad day and needed to watch something cutesy and light-hearted), in which there is also a “thriller” dance reenactment. and the scene was a party where no one was dancing, and then “thriller” comes on and one person starts doing the dance, and then everyone joins in and is loving life and thinking the party is great. i feel like michael jackson’s music often has that kind of effect on people, and the fact that it has permanently permeated american culture and will continue to be iconic (even more so now) is a testament to his talent, his ingenuity and his ability to entertain. i don’t want to valorize him, because he was just a singer; he didn’t find the cure for cancer and he wasn’t super-human. he was just a human being, who was talented and whose demons were more magnified than most people’s. the thing that makes me the most sad about his death is that, despite his fame, he was a deeply unhappy person who self-medicated just to be able to make it through each day. i’ve read reports that he was administered daily shots of demerol, one of the stronger painkillers; so sad that he felt he had to numb himself with prescription drugs on a daily basis just to be able to function. that’s sad no matter who it happens to, famous or otherwise. and really, the saddest part is that his kids have lost their dad at such young ages. that’s probably one of the worst things that could happen to a kid.

r.i.p. michael.


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