some happenings.

it has been a bizarre past couple of days. josh is still in georgia and i’m back in seattle, and we won’t see each other until mid-august. that in itself is weird, leaving him with my parents and returning home where i’m without family and my boyfriend; i never thought i’d be in this position, and it’s strange and sad. thank goodness for skype… it’s been helping a lot with the separation discomfort.

i started working on wednesday, both nannying and housekeeping; housekeeping is pretty wretched unless i’m just working on something alone and don’t have to talk to people, and nannying is a boundary-pushing experience. it’s weird because i am really bad at interacting with children. i love kids and i want to have tons of them someday, but i really don’t know how to talk to them. i get shy and self-conscious. and awkward. i know that the key to interacting with children is engaging them, but i feel like there’s only so many questions i can ask them or observations i can make before they get bored and i end up sounding stupid. is that an issue of pride or is it just poor conversation skills? hard to say. but i’m hoping that nannying will make me more kid-friendly and more at ease around the young ones.

cute story from nannying: so i’m like a mommy’s helper in the early early mornings for this family that has three girls; marlena (almost 5), tessabell (3), and elektra (7 months). aside from their names being a source of entertainment in themselves, the girls are really funny. the family is taking a trip to chicago to visit the grandparents, and apparently there is a public pool right across the street from where their grandparents live. marlena was asking her mom if she could ride down a waterslide by herself instead of with her parents, and her mom said that they would have to check the age limit and that it might be too scary. to which marlena replied: “well maybe i could ride down the slide by myself, and if it’s too scary, then i can ride down the slide with you or dad the next time. i could try that, but only if i’m old enough to ride by myself.” so rational! just like a little adult! i was thoroughly impressed.

i’ve been working eight hour days between the two jobs, and haven’t had much time to do anything except go to bed at 9pm. but now the weekend is here, and i have weekends off, so i’m looking for things to occupy my time. there are the obvious choices (being, read and watch movies), but i want to do something a little more creative with my free time. there’s a copy of w magazine on my dining room table that i’m assuming belongs to one of my roommates, and while i was leafing through it the other night whilst eating dinner, i can across an article about artist fred tomaselli. i was totally blown away by the ornate detail of his works, and it has inspired me to create art. i need to figure out where to procure wood slats and resin, and then i want to use everything i see to make some beautiful pieces of art.

i will stick with these artistic endeavors. i will stick with these artistic endeavors. i will stick with these artistic endeavors.

this is my new mantra.


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