completion, transition, repeat.

i am so happy that my work with lingua is complete. i am so happy with the journal, and i think other people are too. and i get to sleep again, which is always a plus.

i got a beautiful piece of art in the mail from my friend tom the other day:

(the lighting in my hallway room is so scant. ugh.)

i hung the banner above my bulletin board so that it would be one of the first things i see in the morning (aside from the alarm function going off on my phone). such a wonderful gift. in sort of the same vein, i am so excited to switch rooms and not live in a hallway anymore. and my new room will have a half-staircase in it, no less. it will be a nice place to rise above (literally) all the bullshit, and probably a nice place to talk on the phone to my mom, too.

my mom asked if i thought i was really going to be married within the next year and half, because if i did, she was going to have to get a job to be able to pay for my wedding. it’s weird that the altar is actually in sight, because i don’t know if i ever thought i’d actually get married. i’d much prefer to be like brangelina and just love and live with someone and not have to bring the government into it to make it valid, especially when so many straight people take the sanctity of marriage for granted and when so many gay people don’t even get the chance to marry once. but the boy wants to be married, so for him, i’ll make the exception. probably.

this post is all over the place.


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