i aspire to be like mates of state someday.

(preface: i have fallen off the blogging bandwagon due to the intensity of my schooling and job, so this is kind of old news because i saw them live almost a week ago. but i’m going to blog about them anyway, because i love them.)

“i wonder if i could tie the ocean to your knees.”


so i saw mates of state in portland last weekend, and it was such a magical experience. for lesser reasons, it was magical because i was there with my friends and we were sharing the magic of the experience of seeing mates of state together. but even more so, just seeing mates of state perform was like magic. for those who aren’t familiar with the mates, the band is comprised of married couple kori gardner and jason hammel. kori rocks the keyboards and jason hits the drums, and their voices are in perpetual harmony.

it was magic because they perform so well together, and just watching them, it becomes apparent that they are all about each other. they have the most adorable husband-wife banter onstage. and so often in bands, each individual member is focused on themselves and what they’re doing and projecting and don’t really acknowledge the other members. kori and jason were constantly looking over at each other and smiling, and having secret conversations with each other across the stage, their mouths removed from the microphones so that it was just between them. it was such a beautiful thing to watch: two people so in love with each other, who seem to be unaffected by fame or how they’re supposed to act as musicians, and who are entirely focused on the other person.

after the show, i discovered kori’s blog, adorably titled band on the diaper run: kori chronicles her adventures on tour and her adventures with her two precious daughters, magnolia and june. she posts lots of pictures of family outings and makes really funny commentary on being a mom and the things that her daughters do… definitely a blog i will be reading consistently from now on. she seems so grounded, and she and jason seem like such a normal couple with a normal life and children that they love so much… and that makes me love them even more.
(ps. check out the mates of state song “nature and the wreck”… it’s a beautiful song that kori wrote when her first daughter was born.)

mates of state – nature and the wreck.mp3


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