no touching!

today i had a meeting with mccallum printing group, who are going to do all the printing for lingua in the spring. it was both mind-blowing and emasculating. when one looks at the end product of a print job, whether it be a journal or a pamphlet or a folder or a book, one does not suspect that so much attention to detail goes into it. i, for one, was not aware that there were so many different kinds of paper.


i looked at so many different samples of paper stocks with so many additions: matte, finished, matte with a slight finish, uncoated, uv gloss, embossed, printed in four colors. it made my head spin. i got sent home with a few samples so that i can really study them through touch and decide which i prefer. i suppose if i need a second opinion, i’ll just ask someone to touch the different paper stocks… because that’s not weird at all.

i’ve had the “which would be worse: being blind or being deaf?” conversation several times with several different people, but how much do we underestimate the importance and power of touch? touch informs how we view and respond to certain, perhaps even to a greater degree than sight or sound. i would probably still be pricking my fingers on the thorns of roses had i not experienced the unpleasant feel that resulted from it when i was a child… because i could see the roses and see that they were pretty, but simply seeing didn’t alert me to the pain of being pricked. maybe it’s just me, but i think that being able to touch things makes them more real and profound because your sense of touch can’t be tricked like your sight and hearing can.

now that i’ve said that, i want to touch every single object in my room. it’s time to get re-acquainted with my material possessions.


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