dreams and synchronicity.

last night i had dream about someone who used to be close to me, someone who i lost a while ago and haven’t spoken to in several months. josh had a dream last night about the person in his life equivalent to the person i dreamed about. he hasn’t talked to his lost one in several months either. as i’ve said many times, i don’t believe in coincidence, but i think that even for someone who did, it would be naive to assume that these two independent dreams aren’t connected somehow.

the thing that is even more bizarre about it is that our dreams were uncannily similar, plot-wise. they both took place at large gathering of some sort, where we both saw the lost person there and tried to avoid them. josh didn’t even talk to his lost one: he spoke to her friends and resolved some remaining negative feelings that she had, through them. he got closure. i, on the other hand, only remember flashes of what happened: we were both standing; he stood next to me and touched my arm; he told me he missed me. that’s all i remember.

synchronicity is a strange thing. i think a couple months ago, this would have kept me awake tonight, wondering why this happened and what it meant. i’m glad that i’ve come to a place in my life where i can be at peace with the fact that there a lot of things that i don’t, and never will, have the capacity to understand. it makes living a lot more free-feeling. and it allows me to sleep a lot better, and thus continue to have strange and beautiful dreams.


2 responses to “dreams and synchronicity.

  1. Hello Friend,
    Not to be a stalker… but ok, I stalked. I couldn’t help it, as I am doing everything in my power to avoid the last half of my math essay. 🙂 I have a blog too, and would love to keep in touch, even if it’s online! 🙂

    I just posted yesterday about a dream I had. The baby whale one. (I think I shared that in class.)

    Anyhoo, I look forward to reading your well written words. 😉

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