from out of left field:

since when were mandy moore and ryan adams dating, let alone married?
i am devastated. so is my mom. we had a conversation via text that went a little something like this:

me: perez [hilton] told me that ryan adams and mandy moore are married. i am so pissed.
mom: i heard that ugly rumor. she just wanted a rock star or something. ryan, what is wrong with you?
me: he should have married me. or dean [my dad, a very big ryan adams fan], at least.
mom: bahaha. i will pass that on to papa.

but seriously, i’m very upset. jackie and i were googling pictures of them together, and it seems ryan has become exceedingly unattractive since he’s been with mandy.

he bleached his hair blonde! it looks hideous! please, ryan, go back to your ruggedly attractive, reckless, drug-adled, alcoholic, rebellious ways. dump the pop tart and shack up with me.

zooey and ben are a way better couple.


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