dear m. ward: i would like to see more of your face.

so i went to an m. ward show on friday night, and it was amazing. i saw him play about five years ago (with conor oberst and jim james… such a good show) and i continue to be amazed at what a full sound his guitar-playing makes; it doesn’t seem natural that one man and one guitar can create such richness. something i noticed, though, is that m. ward does not appear to be a fan of his own face. before the show, my friend calin and i were discussing whether or not we thought m. ward would play whilst wearing a hat, because he had been wearing a hat that obscured his entire face on the two separate occasions that calin and i had previously seen him perform. m. ward did not wear a hat this time around, but the stage lighting kept his face in deep shadow for the duration of his set. i don’t feel like that’s a coincidence, so i have to wonder why m. ward wants to keep his face hidden… is he very insecure? does he have panic attacks if he knows people can see him clearly? does he just consider himself unattractive in general? i can’t say. i, for one, think that he’s very attractive. perhaps he just wants people to focus on his music instead of on him, to avoid the temptation of his outer appearance being “celebritized.”

regardless, the man puts on an excellent show.


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