a swede weekend.

i don’t remember ever being more sad to see a weekend end.

friday i saw lykke li perform, and that was a treat. it was my first show that i could drink at, so i took full advantage and downed a couple g&t’s before lykke came on, and it definitely enhanced the experience. she was amazing: not even just her music, but the way she moved was hypnotizing. her body was doing a lot of pumping and rocking and swaying… she almost moved like a rapper. and she did a cover of lil wayne’s “a milli” that was swede/sweet. her performance was fabulous, and i just dancedancedanced my little heart out. afterward, i went out with the crew to the george and dragon, and luckily for me it was my roommate jackie’s birthday, and she kept getting free shots, and a couple times i got a free shot simply because i was sitting next to her. after that, we all went to calin’s place and ate brownies and talked and danced and smoked.

saturday was by far the best valentine’s day i’ve ever had. josh and i woke up at 2 and made a scramble for breakfast/lunch and ate it while we watched the last episode of ‘six feet under’ and decided that he is the ted to my claire. after that, we drove up to our beach on camano island to try to catch the sunset. it was even more beautiful than the first time we went. when we got home, we cooked dinner together, and then ate our spaghetti and drank our wine with fleet foxes as background music. after dinner, grant came back, and shane and emily and nick came over, so we all watched ‘superbad’… which is the best, and least conventional, valentine’s day movie ever.

sunday i laid low: josh and i ran errands for most of the day, and while we were at fred meyer, we bought a box of v-day chocolates at 50% off, and between the two of us, split every single chocolate in the box; we hung out with katie ann for a while and i finally got to see her beautiful house; we had dinner with two of josh’s friends from home were shopping in seattle for the day; and went to bed so early.

yesterday, i had just planned on doing homework, but paige came to fremont coffee and kidnapped me. we drove east to roslyn, but almost everything was closed, so we drove to the nearby town of cle elum, where paige had apparently spent a lot of time in her early youth. the drive out there was beautiful: it was so clear and we could see the mountains perfectly, and everything had a blue tint to it. it was so sunny and mild in seattle, but once we got past north bend, there was snow everywhere; it was like we were transported into a little winter wonderland. we ate dinner at a quaint mexican restaurant, and i had a really good margarita with my chicken enchilada. it was such a good day-trip, even though we didn’t really do much except drive and eat. but paige and i had a really good conversation on the way back, and it was worth it to forsake my homework and spend some time with her.

and now: back to school.


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