tom amorose's fancy is easily tickled.

and that is not what she said.

so i’m in this english survey class where we read the earliest known english literature (ie. beowulf) up until about the end of the sixteenth century. i must confess that this era of literature is not quite my favorite, or even my runner-up for favorite, but the thing that makes me love this class is my professor, tom amorose, and his love of social statistics. without fail, every class period begins with him asking how we’re all doing, and if there’s anything exciting going on in our lives; this always leads to some freshman girl talking about planning her sister’s wedding shower or being excited about going to some lame campus event. regardless of the subject matter’s level of obscurity, tom always manages to enlighten us with statistics that are relevant to so-and-so’s comment. my favorite one thus far was today in class, while we were discussing sonnets written during the tudor period, and the convention of ‘unrequited love’; tom started talking about studies done on people in love, and that the brain scans of persons in the early stages of love closely resemble brain scans of people with schizophrenia… brilliant! ah, tom… you never let me down.

so i had the best weekend ever in portland. from watching the exorcist to breakfasting at vita cafe, to walking the waterfront and getting happily lost within powell’s books, to seeing my godmother and receiving her approval and adoration of my boyfriend, to drinking wine with grant’s mom and hanging out with blake and his bandmates, to intense and amazing conversations on the back porch over cigarettes, to waking up at noon and making the best scramble ever, to seeing where one of my favorite people grew to be who he is: it was a beautiful experience.

pictures to follow.


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