you've got a mighty strong grip for a girl.

ughhh, monday night was completely wretched. grant, josh and i went to bauhaus at 7 so that grant and i could work on our film papers, and we stayed until they closed at 1. but neither of us were done, so we went back to the ole’ palatine house and made some food and continued writing. i went to bed at 5am, and slept for 4 hours before getting up for class and to turn my paper in. jackie and ben were making pancakes in the kitchen that morning and offered some to me, but i was already running late, so i just took it on the road with me. my brain was completely discombobulated: i’m sure the ups guy that passed me driving didn’t think twice about my level of sanity as i tried to maneuver my car with a cigarette in one hand and a pancake hanging out of my mouth.

but the shiteousness of my day was somewhat quelled when we watched meet me in st. louis in class. it was such a delightful film… good cinematography, cutesy songs, and fabulous costumes. oh boy.


i’m just not really sure how i feel about judy garland.

i will concede that she has an utterly gorgeous singing voice, but i’m not sure if i think she’s good actress or not (which i almost feel is a blasphemous statement to a degree, considering she’s a major film icon). her voice and movements seem very exaggerated and over-the-top to me, but that just may be a remnant of the silent film era, when you had to use your body as your primary means of acting… and i suppose she can’t really be blamed for that. also, i just really can’t decide if i think she’s cute. there are moments when i think she’s absolutely gorgeous, and others when she looks very alien-esque. maybe that’s just me.


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