so i had migraine on friday that lasted for 8 hours that no amount of advil would take away. i had to miss an important class and my internship because of it, was barely able to drive home because the pain made my vision fail, and just went home and laid in my bed in the dark, waiting for it to pass. i think i need to see a doctor about that… utterly debilitating migraines = no fun at all.

it’s midterms, and i want to shoot myself. i have a midterm today, an 8-page paper due tomorrow (that i’ve only written 1/4 of), and another midterm on thursday.

but then once friday rolls around, i’ll be heading down to portland to celebrate the birth of blake rehnberg 19 years ago, with people that i adore. i have a sweet, sweet boyfriend, excellent friends, and a big new bed to sleep in.

there is always good to be found.


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