the first day of the rest of our lives.

obviously, today is important. but does anyone fully grasp how big this moment is? i am a living, breathing part of history happening, and that is a weird and humbling feeling.

i don’t have a tv at my house, so i went to my school and watched the inauguration in our auditorium, along with hundreds of other students and faculty. it was kind of incredible, all of us coming together to celebrate coming together, and being one together. the inauguration was beautiful… i really loved elizabeth alexander’s poem, and how she asked that seemingly stupid but entirely profound question, “what if the strongest word is LOVE?” this is so much what we need.

when the inauguration was over, all of us in the room ended up singing “amazing grace” together. that sounds really cheesy, i’m sure, but it was really unifying and poignant.

when i left the auditorium, i walked down to the canal for a cigarette and started singing “america, the beautiful” to myself. again, that probably sounds cheesy, but i was feeling, and still feel, so triumphant and so hopeful in that cold foggy air, like things are going to start looking up. even the ducks in the canal were honking in celebration.


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