since the weather was so pleasant and so many of our friends left seattle for the three-day weekend, josh and i decided to go on an adventure yesterday. we had batted around a few ideas of places we could go (cascade loop, chuckanut drive, etc.) but couldn’t decide, so we opted to just get on i-5 north and see what we came up with.

we got up to everett and saw a sign for marine view drive, which sounded promising, so we drove out that way. the sun was sitting low in the sky, and was the light was reflecting off the marina in such a picturesque way.



it’s very seldom that i see light do amazing things like that, so i asked josh to explain to me how light works. all of the scientific terminology kind of made my head spin, but from what i understood, the fusion of atoms creates varying wavelengths, and each wavelength translates to a different shade of color. and according to josh, trees aren’t really green. he kind of lost me on that one. but wow, science must be okay if it can explain how something so beautiful happens.

the daylight was fading, so we decided to keep moving and try to find a place where we could watch the sun set. we kept driving north and when we got a little past marysville, we saw a sign for camano island, which sounded infinitely promising. we turned off and drove so many miles, through lots of trees and on winding roads and over dipping hills, to get to the beach front. the road signs were really ambiguous and i was frustrated and stressed, but once we got onto the beach, all of that melted and i was just speechless at how gorgeous my surroundings were. the sun had just set, and the mountains were outlined in blue, with yellow reflecting off of the water.


it was one of those moments where i felt so big and so small at the same time. i felt like all of the intellectual torture i subject myself to in trying to figure out the universe was meaningless, because i was looking at something beautiful, and i didn’t care if i understood why it was beautiful or if i knew it was beautiful. it just was, and i believed it.

three cheers for spiritual experience through nature!

i don’t think yesterday could have been any better. seeing amazing things with one of my favorite people, driving at high speeds whilst smoking and listening to good music, having good conversations and hugging the silences. yes, it was a very good day.


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  1. wow … beutiful pics

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