the swing of things.

i’ve completed the first week of this quarter with relative ease. it is going to be exponentially better than last quarter.

i never thought i could get so jazzed about math, but i really like my math class. maybe because the prof is gets so excited when he talks about euler circuits and paths, and because he accepts that all of us are in the class because we have to be and is doing is best to make this as painless as possible. we get three or four problems every night for homework, and i can usually complete them in ten minutes. this makes me feel absurdly brilliant.

i still don’t have a bed. the air mattress isn’t working for me so well.

isn’t it kind of incredible how so many things come full circle? i’m beginning to realize how often life is all about inertia, a constant forward motion, but moves you back toward the place you started from.

a picture:
i took this in a cemetery. notice that a lot of the fingers are broken off. i think it’s beautiful and incredibly hopeful.


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