i was at the bookstore today, and of the six gossip magazines at the checkstand, all six had on the cover (or at least made mention of) angelina jolie, brad pitt and jennifer aniston. ridiculous.

i’m twenty-one in two days. ugh.

instead of doing anything remotely productive tonight, i watched elf. such a delightful movie any time of year, but especially during the christmas season. i was gushing to my mom about how much i loved zooey deschanel, and my mom was asking me a bunch of questions about her, since she’s not really on my mom’s radar. i told her that zooey is one of my faves and she’s super classy, and she sings with m. ward and has a gorgeous voice. my mom asked if she dated anyone famous, and i said no, but i wished she dated m. ward because they would be the cutest couple ever. proof:


so precious! /
seeing m. ward play in march = exciiiiiiiiited.


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