let me complain for a second.

this is my winter break!
this is my time to relax and catch up on all the sleep i didn’t get during the quarter!
and it’s not happening!

i pulled an all-nighter before flying to georgia, thinking that would wear my body out enough that i would go into hibernation for a couple days, and this wasn’t entirely false; i slept 14 hours the night i arrived. but since then, trying to sleep has been like pulling teeth. i decided to go off coffee for a while to see if that was the problem: i didn’t drink coffee for four straight days (and got some nasty headaches because of it) and then lessened my coffee intake from four cups to one cup a day. and i still can’t sleep. i’ve probably slept 8 hours total in the past five days, and i don’t think i’ve fallen asleep before 4am in those five days either. and it doesn’t make sense, because i am so physically exhausted from this intense sleep deprivation and am on the verge of falling asleep all day, but when i lay my head down at night to slumber, something refuses to let me. it’s very frustrating.

also: i wrote the scathing course evaluation for my hideous contemporary fiction class that i’ve been promising to write all quarter. it went a little something like this:

in my two plus years of college, i have never felt more like my time and my parents’ money was being utterly wasted than i did in this class. of the seven books we read throughout the quarter, we looked at the text as a class exactly one time. the rest of the time, dr. w—— gave us powerpoint presentations that were sometimes interesting, but rarely relevant to what we were reading; the powerpoints always seemed to venture into randomness, like who the author’s sister-in-law’s famous cousin is, or famous landmarks from the city they lived in as a child. further, dr. w—— split us into discussion groups in the second half of the class, which were generally fruitless, and he went back to his office so that there would be no temptation to teach us. i think that is my biggest qualm with the format of this class: dr. w—— did not teach us anything. we examined all of the books briefly from a distance, and then moved on, without having really taken anything away from besides the basic plot. we didn’t write papers or take tests; we only wrote book reviews, which also didn’t help us learn anything. he never told us how he wanted us to write book reviews, he just told us to do it; and though a book review is supposed to mainly consist of opinion, his comments on my graded review would try to impose his own personal opinion onto MY criticism and interpretation, and dock points when the two didn’t align. he would also split us into groups to workshop our book reviews, which would be great if this were a writing class, but its clearly a literature class, and the emphasis always landed in the wrong place. i was really excited to take this class and i think it could have been really good if the format were different, but taking this class ruined literature for me for the ten weeks this class lasted.

i’m torn between feeling satisfied at having called him out on being a terrible teacher, and feeling guilty, because when i emailed him my final book review he responded and said he had enjoyed reading my reviews all quarter. hrmph. flattery will get you nowhere, sir! well, it might get you a little grace, but not enough to make up for the ten weeks of hell you put me through.


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