my parents probably hate me.

judson and i went to the dentist today for one of those routine check-ups, and came away with 11 cavities between the two of us (i only had three, thank you very much). the dentist also recommended that we each get 8 sealants on some potentially-troublesome teeth. what this means is that tomorrow we will be spending the entire day in the dentist’s office, having our teeth fixed under the influence of nitrous oxide. my mom didn’t verbally call us an unbearable financial burden, but as it is often said, actions speak louder than words. good thing i didn’t ask for anything for christmas.

also, my parents keep making me watch these iconic movies from their generation that they find hilarious, but that translate to a big snooze fest when i watch them. in the summer, they made me watch ‘trading places’ and some other ridiculous bill murray movie from the 80’s, and tonight they made me watch ‘animal house.’ ‘animal house’ was the most entertaining of the three by far, but still not something i would voluntarily watch ever again, probably. my mom even paused the movie halfway to talk about how this movie influenced the youth culture, and how for several years after this movie came out, toga parties were terribly hip and everyone would always play “shout” at parties and dance to it the same way they did in the movie. i think i can appreciate it for what it was in its time, but it’s not one of those timeless classics that remain relevant through generational cultural changes, i guess.

although, it does make me want to have a toga party.


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