oh boy.

the last three days have been wild.

friday was maybe the worst day of this quarter, if not my life. long story in a nutshell: my car battery died on on campus, i got a jump from campus security, drove to my new house where my car battery promptly died again, called about ten people to see if they could come give me a jump and paige (who lives in issaquah, 20 minutes away) was the only one willing and capable, we tried to get a jump in the pouring rain and it didn’t work, paige called aaa to come to tow my car to her dad’s shop (luckily, he’s a mechanic), tow truck took two hours to get from my house to bellevue, drove around bellevue with paige for about three hours until my car got fixed, paid $164 for a new battery, fiiiiiiinally got on the road to go home and was in traffic for 2 hours, whilst snow was falling. and all of this took place during the time that i had planned to write a book review, the last thing i had to turn in for finals.

i got home at 8pm (and i left my house at 8:30am, mind you), boo-hooed on the phone to grant until he came over and inspired me to write with my eyes closed and fingers flying, so we could go out and celebrate the end of the worst quarter of our lives. i finished my book review in 15 minutes and, without looking over it, just emailed to my professor and was done with it. grant, josh, calin and i went to bonesaw’s “do all the things you wanted to do while you were doing finals” party, and the vibe wasn’t quite working for us: everyone there was either playing math video games or smoking weed. bekah (after drunkenly spilling wine all over josh) suggested we go to capitol hill and try to catch some music… i asked if it was all ages, since everyone going was 21 but me. bekah handed me her expired id from when she was sixteen and had platinum, and told me that it would surely get me into wherever i wanted to go. so i drove a carload of people up to capitol hill, which nearly gave me a panic attack, and we started searching for a bar. the first one we arrived at wouldn’t let bekah in because she was too drunk. so as we’re walking, looking for another place to go, i’m memorizing bekah’s home address in wisconsin and her date of birth and her height and weight (which is definitely 6 inches shorter and 30 pounds lighter than me, just fyi). i recited it back to bekah and she ran the other direction, screaming, before i could even get to her zip code. we find a bar and go inside, and i’m nervous and not sure if bekah’s id will work, but the bouncer was very unassuming and i made it in. my first time in a bar, ten days before my 21st birthday, and i was with five of my favorite people: heaven. grant bought me a drink for my success, and we just stayed long enough to finish our drinks. we hit one more bar before we decide to go to r place, a superfabulous gay club. we get up to the door, and i hand the lady bekah’s id, and she looks really hard at both it and me, and i’m trying to look nonchalant. apparently it didn’t work. she asked if she could see my id, and when i told her that was my id, she shook her head and said “no, that’s her id (tossing her head in bekah’s direction). when you show me your id, i’ll give this one back to you.” that was the end of that. i just walked away. everyone else followed and broke into uproarious laughter at my misfortune. we decided to go back to grant and josh’s, since we always have more fun there anyway. we danced, we drank, i ate micah’s food and he got very upset about it, grant and i walked bekah home, and aside from the time that i was passed out, i probably slept about 45 minutes total that night.

it was the best evening to bring balance to my hideous day.

saturday, i singlehandedly moved all of my stuff to my new place, received my brother, and went to dinner at pf changs with him, grant and calin. it was 1.5 hour wait, so we bopped around westlake center for several hours, surveying the hideous ed hardy shop, the wsu paraphernalia haven, and the candy shop, among other things. by the time we sat down to eat we were starving, which made the meal seem like the best we’d ever had. judson was sleepy, so he went to my old home and went to bed, and i went to grant’s and watched ’28 days later’ with the bros and algerae. so good.

sunday, judson and i went to visit our aunt and uncle in bonney lake. they were super excited to see us, as they haven’t seen judson for almost a year, and they made us a huge meal and their kids made judson play wii with them until his limbs were sore. the whole crew played catchphrase, and hilarity ensued: my uncle was trying to describe ‘jet set,’ so he said it was two words and it was a certain group of people who fly, and judson blurted out ‘mile high’ without thinking. my aunt and uncle are uber-conservative super-christians, so my aunt leaned over and hit judson on the arm and said “i can’t believe you said that! you go to a christian school!” i’m laughing hysterically and shaking my head at judson in mock disappointment, and she looks at me and says “you knew what he was talking about!” probably the best interaction of my day. i spent the rest of the day unpacking all of my shit in the new place, and putting art up on my walls. grant came over and helped, and a couple hours later calin came over. we drove grant home eventually and bopped at his house for a while with he and josh, who’s going home today. we were just sitting in the living room, listening to music and not saying anything, and i looked at all of them and thought about how much it was going to physically hurt to be away from them for three weeks, and a little tear came to my eye. tragedy. ever since then, i’ve been in a constant battle with my sleepy brain to stay awake.

it is 6:38am, and i am sitting in the seattle airport next to judson, who is reading the third harry potter book, and waiting for our flight to board. we fly to albuquerque, and then to jacksonville, which is two hours away from savannah. i’ve been awake for almost 21 hours, and will probably be awake for another 6 hours at least. glorious.

i am hardly looking forward to the next three weeks, including my should-be monumental birthday, christmas, and new year’s, all of which will be spent with family, but emotionally alone. i will read, i will sleep, i will bake pies, i will make the time go as fast as it possibly can.

i can do this.


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