tonight i met grant’s parents. it was so amazing to see the mother and father of a gay son who don’t want to try to fix him, but who want him to be who he is, and who love him for exactly who he is, without precondition. they were talking about when grant first came out to them, and they both said that the first thing they thought when he told them was that they wished he had told them sooner, so that he didn’t have to carry such a heavy weight on his own and keep a part of himself secret. i wish everyone thought more like they do.

it’s moments like tonight when i am certain that i believe in god. i don’t understand very much about god, but i really believe that god is love. i felt so much love pour out of them that i felt damp with the presence of god. i always get this feeling when i’m in contact with someone gay, or with a group of people who are gay, and i rarely experience it otherwise. how can it be that i see/hear/feel god in these people, and they are called an abomination by god’s followers? it’s an enigma to me.

thank you, mr. and mrs. rehnberg, for your beautiful son and your unconditional love for him.


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