on wednesday night, i saw an advanced screening of ‘milk.’ it was amazing. the cast was fantastic, and sean penn was brilliant; he never disappoints. watching this movie was such an emotional experience for me, between laughing and weeping and shaking my head in disbelief, and when the movie was over, i felt completely drained.


it’s unbelievable to me that in the thirty years since harvey milk’s death, the glbt community has still not been given full and equal rights. they are still having to convince the people around them that they are not wrong, or sick, or subhuman. i’m so heartbroken by the passage of prop 8 in california, and so sad that so many don’t seem to realize what a gross human rights violation this is. it’s like segregation, or like apartheid; it’s discrimination based on something a person can’t control, and it’s used to subjugate them and make them second-class humans. it’s sickening.

i’m going to an anti-prop 8 rally on saturday, and then marching from capitol hill to downtown in protest. this is so important and i want to do anything i can to promote equal rights for everyone.

please go see ‘milk’ when it comes out in theaters on november 26!


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