contributors to my current existential crisis:

+ charles dickens, and particularly the ‘tempest’ chapter of david copperfield
+ arcade fire’s neon bible album, particularly the songs “black mirror,” “intervention,” and “black waves/bad vibrations”
+ david guterson’s the other
+ gnosticism
+ cdckcwmkn
+ the shiteous set-up of my contemporary fiction class

so tonight i helped out at this event for IMAGE, the people i intern for, that was at the seattle art museum… for six hours! it was actually way more awesome than i expected it to be, but i expected it to be a hellish nightmare. i got to cart around 35-pound boxes of books, arrange them prettily on a table, and then sell them to people. the book was a collaboration between a bunch of people, i guess, but the contributor who’s the biggest deal is kathleen norris; she gave a lecture tonight and then did a signing. she gave me a signed book for free… which was essentially nice, but especially nice because i had thought about buying a book, but couldn’t bring myself to shell out $27. after we were done, me and two other interns, mitchell and megan, went to dick’s and got milkshakes… we had a bet going beforehand about how many books would sell, and my guess was the closest to how many actually sold, so mitchell had to buy my milkshake. scoooooore.

last night was awful in a hundred different ways. i’m ready for the endless dramafest to be done.


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