i love when i remember crazy dreams.

i passed out this morning and had the weirdest dream.

i was driving in my car with paige in the passenger seat, and i think grant and scott were following behind us. we were going to grant’s apartment, so i’m not sure why i wasn’t following him… but anyway, we were on like a two-lane road and i come to this turn lane with the intention of turning, but i decide i want to be a badass so i do a quasi-donut, quasi-tokyo drift type of move, and when i straightened out, a white car grazed the back of my car and stopped in the middle of the road from the impact. i just kept driving. grant and scott were still following me, and we ended up backtracking through a neighborhood because we had already passed his place. we finally make it to grant’s apartment, and there are an enormous amount of stairs… and not just in the apartment complex, but in his individual apartment. like four flights of stairs condensed into a single long stair. i look out his window and can see where the car that hit me stopped in the middle of the road, and now there are police cars out there and their trying to get the car out of the road. people are standing around and cars are stopped, and it just looks bad. my conscience starts nagging me, so i decide i’m going to go down and explain what happened to the police so that they don’t put out a warrant for me. i have to walk up and down probably a thousand steps to get out of the apartment. i walk down the street a couple blocks to where the car was, and it isn’t there. it’s not to the side of the road, and the police cars are gone. but on the side of the road where the car was being moved to, there’s an outdoor barbeque going on. i’m kind of hungry, so i go up to get some food, and half of the people there are cops, in their uniforms. i’m getting all nervous, but i decide that there’s plenty of officers to choose from and that i just need to do it. that makes me more nervous, so i find this teenage girl who looks mostly unassuming and looks a little bit like tori spelling when she was on ‘saved by the bell,’ and i pull her off to the side toward the road, so that i can practice my story of what happened on her and see if she believes me. so we’re talking by the side of the road, cars are passing by us, and this sporty car pulls up with two chads in it, and the one in the passenger seat leans his head out the window like a chad would, very nonchalant and cocky, and he just looks at us and says “you girls wanna… bop?” the girl and i looked at each other, and that was the end.

i got three text messages before i passed out: a ‘you drunk?’, a ‘goodnight sweet kendall,’ and a mere apostrophe.

hello, hangover.


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